Monday, June 29, 2009

OK, here's the first real post to deal with the conversion. After looking over Scott Betts' conversion of the first two parts of Rise of the Runelords, I came up with the following set of steps I plan to take in doing the Crimson Throne conversion:

1) Read through the modules and understand the flow of the plot, etc.
2) Work out how much XP the PCs should get for each module so that they end up at the desired level at the end of each module and at the end of the campaign.
3) Look at how the module as written breaks down into sections, and work out a rough XP amount for each section based on how many encounters (combat, skill challenge opportunities, quests) there are.
4) For the combat encounters, switch the monsters out for 4E equivalents (not necessarily the exact same monster, but similar roles), keeping in mind 4E design parameters (multiple monsters more common, monster roles, terrain, etc.) Write up any unique monsters in the encounter. Spend the XP budget you worked out in step 3 on the encounter, including traps, etc.
5) Write up the skill challenges, using the XP budget assigned in step 3 to help determine complexity and level.
6) Come up with quests based on the plot, and assign XP awards based on step 3.
7) Look over and tweak all of the above encounters.
8) Come up with treasure parcels and their locations.

I've started reading "Edge of Anarchy", the first part of Crimson Throne, and I'm already seeing lots of issues I'll have to deal with and some potential problems.

Next time: The Harrow deck, random encounters, and fighting one guy in a small room.

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  1. I'll be following intently. A toast to the project, and best of luck!